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A Gathering in Jordan is very excited to announce that we are now offering online Beginner Ancient Phoenician Hebrew for children from 5 years old to 16 years old!

We now offer adult classes that will start on August 24th, 2020 and they will end early June so come in and join us!!!

We understand how important it is to bring back our language which was lost. There is no nation without a language, so it is imperative to teach our children and adults our language and heritage. For $50.00 a month you can learn our language and speak fluent Ancient Phoenician Hebrew in no time!

This program will be a year round education of 9 months on and 3 months off for vacation, with a comprehensive curriculum consisting of mainly learning through the Biblical Hebrew Language. Praise AHAYAH ba ha sham Yashaya wa Qadash Rawach! 

For more information please email AGIJ Hebrew Bible Seminary School at or


A Gathering in Jordan. a small group of Americans who believe that we are the original Hebrews spoken of in the Bible. Our core doctrine is based on Yashaya Christ, and that we keep all the Laws, Statutes, Commandments and Holy Feast Days contained in the Bible. We believe we are the Lost 12 Tribe written about in the scriptures read (Deuteronomy Chapter 28). The Lost 12 Tribes are the indigenous of the New World called the Indians from North, Central and South America (Including the Islands of South Pacific the Diaspora from Jerusalem who were attacked by Roman's and fled into Africa in 70AD, and reside predominately on the Western Ivory Coast of Africa and dispersed into the ghettos of Ethiopia, as well as the remnants from Lemba in South Africa and Sudan in North Africa ( who still hold their Hebrew customs until this day). Along with the Negroes who went into slavery by means of cargo slave ships in the transatlantic slave trade (Negroes in America, Haiti, Dominican Republic, West Indies and Brazil). This populace mentioned along with the remnant of  the blacks in Europe from the "Dark Ages" and the Caribbean's (who were taken into Europe) make up "The Lost 12 Tribes".

The remnant of the Hebrews are dispersed throughout the Earth today having suffered the greatest devastation in world history. The devastation of the North American and South American Indians, the Negroes who suffered the oppression of slavery are the target of eugenics/genocide program promoted though the New world Order and this act is described in the Bible as "Jacob's Trouble" (Jeremiah Chapter 30).

We are sending epistle throughout the world and to the Lost 12 Tribes which are scattered abroad who believe the true doctrine of Yashaya Christ by denouncing paganism and are baptized with water into the fold of Yashaya Christ keeping the Commandments contained in the Bible.

We welcome the true Hebrews as well as the Gentiles to partake i this spiritual awakening of the Elect, so please come and share this great experience of truth. The New World is a war with the Elect of Yashaya Christ and we must stand for "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand"!